Help entering the job market

Not everyone finds an apprenticeship easily. Young people without school qualifications or from SEN schools, or young people with a low level of German, often have trouble taking the first step. Here, we offer some tips on entering the job market.

Occupational orientation year (BVJ)

The BVJ is designed to help young people choose an occupation. They are given practical insights into two occupational areas, for example woodworking and metalworking. If they do not have school qualifications, they can also use the BVJ to gain a basic school-leaving qualification. The BVJ is highly suitable for SEN pupils or young people with poor German. In the schools database, you can search for schools offering the BVJ.

Help entering the job market

Entry-level qualification (EQ)

Young people who cannot find an apprenticeship can use the entry-level qualification (Einstiegsqualifizierung, EQ) to find out if they like an occupation. The EQ is an internship funded by the Agentur für Arbeit employment centre. Young people on the scheme work at a company and gain basic skills in a recognised skilled occupation. The internship generally lasts between 6 and 12 months, and can also include lessons at vocational school. The target group is young people below 25 years of age who have not found an apprenticeship.

They can gain help finding an EQ place from the local U 25 careers service team at the Agentur für Arbeit, from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and from the Chamber of Trade (Handwerkskammer).

Contact details for EQ



Arbeitsgemeinschaft Leipzig

0180 - 1002901 10705

"Joblinge" initiative in Leipzig

Here, an industry initiative supports young people aged below 25 who are unemployed with no apprenticeship. In the initiative's partner enterprises, the young people are given the opportunity to prove themselves in person, in practice, without reference to school grades or conventional job interviews. Being involved in corporate practice raises their motivation and gives them experience of success. At the same time, the young people receive individual support from volunteers acting as mentors. These are people with experience in the occupation who come from various partner enterprises and accompany and support the young people as they work towards an apprenticeship.

Joblinge contact details

Joblinge gemeinnützige AG Leipzig

Karl-Heine-Straße 55
04229 Leipzig
0341 - 9261 6711