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Find a placement - we can help! Search for vacancies on our apprenticeships board

Looking for an apprenticeship?

Find a placement - we can help! Search for vacancies on our apprenticeships board. Simply enter your dream job in the search bar at the top for a list of apprenticeships on offer. Use the advanced search function to refine your search for placements, e.g. by location or sector.

Help entering the job market

Help entering the job market

Not everyone finds an apprenticeship easily. Young people without school qualifications or from SEN schools, or young people with a low level of German, often have trouble taking the first step. Here, we offer some tips on entering the job market.

Refugees entering training

Refugees entering training für Flüchtlinge erleichtern

Integration via education That's the aim of the KAUSA service points. The project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, provides young refugees with experienced mentors who help them start an apprenticeship.

Popular apprenticeships

Popular apprenticeships

Mechatronics fitters, media designers, child care workers - these jobs all have one thing in common: they are popular; clear favourites among people looking for an apprenticeship. Here, we offer some help starting your search: we have listed the most popular apprenticeships and current placements.